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Talisman is a jewellery line where I express my creative vision into raw yet delicate design pieces that amplify our sense of power and unicity. Each jewellery piece acts as a talisman, harnessing the power of sacred spirits which protect, transform and take you to a better elsewhere. For centuries, France has been nursing a tradition of fine and luxurious craftsmanship. It is what I attempt to celebrate with all subtlety in my work. This jewellery line was created in a secret Paris Atelier that also support the production of the most established French fashion houses. 

The pieces are made of brass and with either a gold or palladium finish.

Chisel chain bracelet

390,00 €Price
  • Bracelet with a 3.5 cm Chisel

    MP signature medal


    Bracelet length 17.5 cm, includes adjustment ring at 15.5 cm

    Brass with 24k gold finish

    Handcrafted in Paris, France

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