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Let Light Be is my latest show, presented at Design Miami in Basel, Switzerland (2022 June 13 -19)
The premise of a creative act is destruction, the necessary first step towards total freedom of expression. The chisel, the powerful tool of a sculptor, is presented here in a resting position as a 2.5 metre ash wood bench that will offer visitors a place to sit and contemplate their inner creative force. 
Three shields are hung on the wall, respectfully celebrating the chisel destructive and creative power. Today, they represent a weapon against the war that strikes Europe; in solidarity with the martyred peoples, these precious and poetic shields symbolize the rediscovered Peace: in harmony, charged with hope, they repel the arrows of violence. 
They are made of ash wood and mother-of-pearl marquetry, produced in Sicily in a 5th generation Italian marquetry workshop. On the ground are the products of the chisel violent, primal creative act, above all poetic and filled with the mystery that the public will grant him. 


Shattered pieces of Carrare marble expose and support unique pieces of jewellery made in Paris in the secret workshop that produces French haute couture jewellery. Each jewellery piece act as talismans, harnessing the power of sacred spirits which protect, transform and take you to a better elsewhere. 
I invite visitors to step in, feel the vitality of this volcanic eruption of the sweet symphony of “Renaissance”.

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